Radiant cut diamond is among the most sought-after cuts due to its unmatched brilliance, sparkle, and purity.

The beautifully symmetrical cut combines the best elements of an emerald cut, a high level of uniqueness and the sparkle of a round. Modern and chic, radiant cut diamond is one of the two square diamond shapes that exude a perfect balance of beauty, strength, durability and elegance.

This outstanding cut features finely cropped corners which are surrounded by a symmetrical shape to create proportions that give this cut an exquisite and durable structure unmatched by other cuts.

The faceting of the radiant cut diamond makes this cut a preferred choice for fancy engagement rings. Since this cut doesn’t have sharp corners, it’s less vulnerable to any sort of damage. This makes it an ideal option for those with an active lifestyle.


Introduced about 40 years ago by Henry Grossbard, the radiant cut diamond has become a popular choice for fine jewelry pieces.

True to its name, this cut is impressively brilliant, classy, and elegant. Typically, radiant cut diamonds are referred to as “rectangular modified brilliant diamonds,” for the simple reason that they are the squarer version of round diamonds. Radiant cut diamonds are recommended for those looking for diamonds with the emerald cut shape combined with the brilliance of a round.

You can also find radiant cut diamonds in square shapes.

Radiant cut diamonds are known for their brilliant-cut faceting, which means they have numerous facets (facets are the flat, polished surfaces on a diamond) that create exceptional sparkle and brilliance. This faceting style is similar to that of round brilliant cut diamonds, which are renowned for their fire and brilliance.

What makes the radiant cut diamond unique?

Cut Corners and Angles

Radiant cut diamonds typically have a total of 70 facets or more, which include both the main facets and the smaller facets that adorn the pavilion (bottom) and crown (top) of the diamond. The precise arrangement of these facets is what gives the radiant cut its unique sparkle.

Larger in size?

The radiant cut diamond looks larger than other diamond shapes of the same carat weight. Unlike most diamond shapes, the radiant cut features long diagonal measurement, which gives the perception of larger size.

Unmatched brilliance and sparkle


The radiant cut diamond exudes uniqueness due to its 70 facets and distinctively trimmed edges.

The facets are uniquely contoured to give out exceptional sparkle and brilliance. The faceting structure of this cut provides a depth which emphasizes the fine details of the diamond. Its versatile design, eye-catching sparkle and great brilliance make the radiant cut diamond a top choice for those looking for jewelry pieces that convey elegance from every angle.

Although the radiant cut diamond shares some similarities with other diamonds, there are many noticeable differences that make the radiant cut diamond superior. In terms of cost, radiant cut diamonds tend to cost more as compared to many other cuts such as the princess cut as they are cut from finer diamond.

The radiant cut diamond offers excellent value for money thanks to its elegance, durability, sparkle, and affordable cost. If you’re looking for a modern, chic, and stylish diamond shape that suits an active lifestyle, then the radiant cut might be your best bet.