Princess cuts diamonds are characterized by a straight-sided rectangular outline, exceptional brilliance, and neat facet arrangement. First created in the 1960s and perfected in the 80s, these diamonds have held their impressive popularity for decades.

Today, princess cut diamonds are among the most sought-after due to their uniqueness, elegance, and affordability.

The princess cut diamond accounts for about one-third of engagement rings, and its popularity is only getting bigger. This type of cut comes in handy for making engagement rings and other fine jewelry pieces thanks to its geometric shape, strong lines, and beauty. Just like the round brilliant diamond, the princess cut diamond features about 60-70 facets.


What makes the princess cut diamond outstanding?


The durability of the princess cut diamond is considerably high as it contains some percentage of the rough diamond. The princess cut doesn’t have any weak points that can cause chipping. To make it even more durable, prongs are used to protect the corners from any form of damage. This makes this cut a top choice for making engagement rings for people leading an active lifestyle. Engagement rings made from the princess cut diamond are sure to last a lifetime.

Larger size

The princess cut diamond appears larger compared to a round diamond of the same carat weight. This is because the princess cut features large diagonal measurements, which give out the perception of a larger size. That means you’ll get a considerably larger princess cut diamond than a round cut for the same amount of money.


The princess cut diamond is designed to maximize brilliance and sparkle. Although the round diamond gives out more brilliance and sparkle, the princess cut is still among the fancy shapes that show optimal light performance.

Ring styles

The princess cut diamond is known for its versatility when it comes to making engagement rings and jewelry. Its geometric shape and brilliance allow it to be made into a wide range of modern styles. Unlike many of its counterparts, this cut gives a touch of perfectness and a better chance to make the stone at the center larger. This means you can easily achieve your desired style with the princess cut diamond.


The princess cut diamond is less expensive compared to many fancy shapes. For instance, when compared to the round diamond of equivalent carat, princess cut diamond costs about 30% less.


Choosing a princess cut diamond

When choosing a princess cut diamond, you’ll want to look at certain factors, including anatomy, length to width ratio, cut grade, clarity, and color. Also, it would be important to buy a princess cut diamond from a certified and reputable dealer who offers returns and exchanges.

Overall, the princess cut diamond is a timeless fancy shape renowned for its excellent brilliance and beauty.