Cushion-Cut Diamonds

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Cushion-Cut Diamonds

Cushion cut diamonds, also known as old mine cut, are characterized by a square cut with rounded corners that resemble a pillow (hence the name). Unlike the princess cut and the radiant cut diamond, cushion cut diamonds have been around for more than 200 years. Therefore, they happen to be among the world’s earliest diamond cuts. This classic cut is loved by many people due to its sparkle, brilliance, and affordable cost. Mostly, cushion-cut diamonds are used in making halo engagement rings. With their eye-catching sparkle and softened square or rectangular shape, it’s no surprise that cushion cut diamonds are a top choice for engagement rings. This timeless and classic cut blends an old and new appeal that gives the best of both worlds. 

Although cushion-cut diamonds are less brilliant compared to round diamonds, they tend to have more fire. Their distinctive soft, rounded corners, larger facets, and brilliance are some of the features that make this cut one of the most popular diamond shapes. If you plan to shop for cushion cut diamonds, you’ll need to understand their various styles and ratios. 

The anatomy of cushion cut diamonds

These diamonds derive their name from their pillow-like shape. When you look at a cushion-cut diamond from above, you’ll notice that this diamond shape resembles a cushion. Unlike other shapes that feature standardized facets, this shape can be faceted in many various ways. Typically, cushion cut diamonds fall into two categories—either standard cushion cuts or modified cushion cuts. 

Types of cushion cut diamonds

Old mine cut- antique cushion

They feature a rectangular shape and rounded corners. Old mine cut diamonds were popular during the Edwardian and Victorian eras. Antique cushion’s notable features include an eye-visible culet, bulky uneven shape, and a tiny table. 

Cushion modified

This is the most popular cushion-cut diamond and resembles a flower shape. It features an extra row of facets, a crushed iced appearance, and great sparkle. 

Cushion brilliant 

This type of cushion cut diamond features large facets and fewer facets, an open bottom, and a 1.10-1.25 length to width. The cushion brilliant is quite rare as compared to the cushion modified and the antique cushion, and that’s why it comes at a higher price. 

How to select a cushion cut diamond

When buying a cushion cut diamond, you should look at the diamond’s color, depth percentage, and table percentage. You’ll need to understand that cushion-cut diamonds tend to hold color more strongly as compared to other diamond shapes. That’s why experts recommend that you choose to cushion cut diamonds with H color and above. In terms of depth percentage and table percentage, you’ll want to choose a depth and a table under 70%. You’ll also want to consider the diamond’s clarity and cut. A well-cut diamond gives exceptional sparkle, while a poorly cut diamond will look like a dull piece of glass. 

Generally, cushion cut diamonds remain to be timeless cuts with a sophisticated and elegant shape that suits any finger.

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