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Custom engagement ring design awards
Custom engagement ring design awards


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Our jewelry brand is built on the foundation of transparency, expert craftsmanship, and sustainable high quality materials. Our clients will often tell you about their experience before they mention their custom diamond Engagement ring. We offer transparent, reliable service, and are here to help you design a one of a kind custom diamond engagement ring. It should be custom made with you,for you.

Custom Engagement Ring Design

Handcrafted With Passion

We understand buying an engagement ring will be one of the most significant purchases of your life. At our studio, you will design your custom engagement ring privately with one of our expert designers. Our goal is to make this purchase relaxing, positive, intimate, and educational.To begin customizing your engagement or wedding ring simply get in touch with us by filling out our quote request form.

Diamond Jewellery Design

3 Generations of Excellence

For many jewellers, making is a profession. For Sevan, it is an identity. Sevan has been crafting the finest pieces of engagement rings for nearly 30 years. Our custom engagement rings are created with customized service.Will work to fully understand the vision and inspiration of your perfect engagement ring. We will work together to bring your ideas to life.

Quality Diamonds

Commitment to Value

We exclusively sell GIA,HRD,IGI,AGS certified diamonds, the only grading authority for the diamond trade worldwide

Custom Engagement Rings Designer

Our custom diamond engagement rings are created with customized service. Design By Sevan will work to fully understand the vision and inspiration of your perfect engagement rings in toronto. We will work together to bring your ideas to life.

GIA Certified

We exclusively propose diamonds certified by the GIA, the one and only grading authority for the diamond trade worldwide. Other laboratories over-grade stones, giving you a false sense of quality and value.

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Friendly Support

At our studio, you will be treated in a private setting with all the focus on the making of your diamond purchase experience the most personal, relaxing, and educational diamond buying experience.

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Personalized Service

Our best engagement rings are created with a personalized service. The service begins with a consultation with Sevan, who will learn more about you and your inspiration, helping you to develop your ideas and final vision.

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100% Custom

The perfect engagement ring does not already exist in a display. It should be custom made with you, for you. Our onsite expert craftsmen will make that dream a reality.

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Every Design By Sevan Custom Engagement Ring Tells a Unique Story About Love,Unity And Happiness..

Give your partner a truly one of a kind engagement ring. Our on-site qualified jewelry designers will help you design the perfect engagement ring. No one else in the world will have the same engagement ring.

Let us express your love story with a custom engagement ring.
Unique Diamond Engagement Rings and Diamond Jewellery in Toronto
At Design by Sevan, we understand this is the most important purchase of your life. Create a engagement ring to represent your love with help from one of our expert jewelry designers. We are a family-owned business. Our family has been in the jewelry business for three generations. Our dedicated and highly qualified team at Design by Sevan is here to help create the perfect diamond Engagement ring your partner will love. We offer the most competitive custom engagement ring prices in Toronto to ensure everyone has the chance to give their special someone a ring that will melt their heart. We want our guests to feel at home when walking through our doors. We are passionate about offering our clients a positive, educational, and enjoyable experience. Our custom engagement and diamond wedding rings in Toronto are created with top-quality craftsmanship. Check out our line of bridal jewelry, anniversary gifts, and more. Have any questions? Come in for a quick consult and browse our showcase of custom diamond engagement rings.

The Engagement Ring on their finger represents my work and in no way would I sacrifice quality and trust that goes into it.

Here at Design by Sevan, we combine your inspiration and ideas with our knowledge and expertise to create bespoke diamond custom engagement rings. Our goal is to give you a final product that exceeds all expectations. We are here to walk you through the entire process, from the first drawing, choosing the setting, getting your concept down, to the final piece. We offer unparalleled customer service, and the highest quality custom engagement rings in Toronto. Our natural high-grade colored gemstones and diamonds are ethically sourced, top-quality, and are sure always to shine.