Everything you need to know about oval-shaped diamonds How to choose Oval Diamonds?

Diamonds are some of the most precious stones in the world. But some types of rocks rank higher than the rest. The oval-shaped diamond, for example, has more admirers than most of the other cuts. The oval-shaped diamond is both beautiful and unique. It makes a great addition to an engagement ring, neckpiece, or a pair of earrings. If you want to get yourself or a loved one an oval diamond, but you have some doubts, here is everything you need to know.

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Pros of oval-shaped diamonds

1. Illusion of size

A 5-carat oval-shaped diamond appears significantly larger than a round or square-shaped one. The elongation and general shape of the oval give it a broader look. Therefore, if you love large stones, but you have a tight budget, consider getting an oval-shaped diamond.

2. Versatile

Oval shaped diamonds are extremely versatile. The rocks can go with numerous settings and designs. You can also add them to almost any jewelry, including bracelets. The versatility makes them more practical than most diamonds.

3. Less damage

Diamonds and stones with sharp cuts and edges tend to chip off very easily. An oval-shaped diamond does not have any sharp edges. The smooth outline, therefore, makes it hard to chip or flake off. What to look for in an oval diamond Although there is no such thing as a perfect diamond, there are cuts that come close to it. When choosing any diamond, some basic things will help you make your decision. For oval-shaped diamonds, here are some guiding factors.

a) Length to width ratio

An oval is a partly elongated circle. And while the shape might seem irregular, every oval diamond has an elongation ration. The recommended ratio varies between 1.45-1.50. These numbers give you a symmetrical and well-fitting oval-shaped diamond.

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b) Shape appeal

Before purchasing an oval diamond, make sure to have a feel of it. Run your fingers across its form to ensure smoothness. The edges should run continuously without bumps or ridges. The general look of the oval stone should generally fit your taste.

c) Bowtie effect

The princess cut diamond is less expensive compared to many fancy shapes. For instance, when compared to the round diamond of equivalent carat, princess cut diamond costs about 30% less.

Best settings for oval shaped diamonds

Once you settle on the oval diamond you love, the last thing you have to do is get the right setting. If you want the rock for a ring, here are possible settings.

Oval diamonds are some of the best stones, especially for rings. They are not unique but also glamorous. With these guidelines, you can get the best oval diamond for you or a loved one. https://www.instagram.com/designbysevan/

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