How to Choose an Engagement Ring That She Will Adore,

Since there is a wide range of brands, designs, and technical aspects of choosing an engagement ring, you might find opting for one more difficult than actually asking the big question. If you have found yourself in this situation, this article might just be the one that will help you. In the text below, you will be able to read about the best tips for choosing an engagement ring for your soon-to-be fiancée. Let’s take a closer look at the tips:

1. Learn Her Ring Size

Although this might sound difficult, it is actually quite easy. Choose one ring from her jewelry box and trace it on a piece of paper and then take the paper to a jeweler who will tell you what the size is. If possible, you can also take the ring straight to the jeweler to determine her ring size. If you cannot do that, you can ask her family or best friend about her ring size – however, you will want to make sure that they will keep it a secret.

2. Choose One That Matches Her Fashion Taste

When it comes to your girlfriend’s fashion taste, you probably already know what she likes and dislikes. However, if you still did not figure that out or if you simply do not know anything about fashion, take some time to figure out what she likes. Take a peek into her jewelry box and see what kind of rings she likes wearing and you like the previous tips on this list, you can also ask the people close to her about what she likes.

3. Choose the Metal Type

Like everything else in this article, you will want to find out what precious metals your partner likes. Some of the metals you can choose from include silver, gold, rose gold, platinum, white gold, and many more. However, whatever metal you choose for, ensure that it will match the gemstone color.

4. Wisely Choose the Ring Stone

According to the experts from Design By Sevan, as you already know, diamonds are the number one stone when it comes to engagement rings. However, if you do not have the budget for an engagement ring or if you do not want to get her a diamond, there are other choices to choose from. Maybe you will want to opt for zirconia or a gemstone. These stones are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Also, you can do some research online and find what her birthstone is and then opt for a ring with it.

5. Engrave Something Special on The Inside of the Band

If you want to make the ring even more special, you can opt for engraving something on it. It can be a personal message, phrase, or you might even opt for engraving an inside joke you two have. Hence, your girlfriend will know that you really put some thought into the ring you chose.


By following the tips from this article, you will be able to make the entire process of choosing an engagement ring less time-consuming and overwhelming. Hence, do not waste any more time and start browsing online and brick-and-mortar stores in order to find the best engagement ring for that special someone..