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Color stone engagement rings

Engagement rings are an expression of love through a gorgeous piece of jewelry. Various color stones make stunning engagement rings. The following are some of the best color stone engagement rings that combine magnificent gem properties, beauty, and incredible performance..

Diamond engagement rings 

Diamonds are the most popular color stones for engagement rings. With a hardness of 10, enviable scratch-resistance, and unmatched brilliance and dispersion, it’s easy to see why diamonds are the top-selling gemstone for engagement rings. Colored diamond options include pastel green, sparkling pink, bold canary yellow, champagne, pink and eye-catching black.   

Emeralds engagement rings

Emeralds are a popular choice for engagement rings due to their bright color, hardness, and durability. Emerald engagement rings can resist scratching and come in a range of gorgeous greens from lighter to deep, dark shades. These rings are known to symbolize love, truth, hope, and new beginnings. Their captivating color brings out the “wow” factor that pairs well with just about any style. Provided they have cared for the right way; emerald engagement rings can last a lifetime. It’s not advisable to clean emerald rings with ultrasonic, steam, or boiling systems. Choosing emerald engagement rings takes extra effort, but their royal vibe makes them a top choice for those who appreciate stunning color stone rings. 

Sapphire engagement rings

The sapphire has become a popular color stone for engagement rings due to its rich color, durability, luster, and its reputation as the gemstone royalty. Sapphire engagement rings are scratch-resistant and extremely durable. With a hardness of 9, this color stone comes second only to diamond. Although sapphire engagement rings are associated with the color blue, they come in every hue. If you’re looking for a luxurious engagement ring that is cheaper than diamonds yet super elegant, the sapphire color stone might be your best bet. 

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Rubies engagement rings 

Since ancient times, rubies have been a top choice for engagement rings thanks to their rich red color. Rubies signify great passion, love, and courage, making the color stones a good choice for an engagement ring. Some jewelry designers combine rubies with diamonds to give the engagement rings an unmatched appeal. Rubies make an exciting statement when set in an engagement ring. Ruby’s hardness and durability make it a good choice for engagement rings. 

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Tourmaline engagement rings

color stones imitate emerald and fine ruby but at much more affordable prices. With a hardness of 7 to 7.5, tourmaline engagement rings are considerably resistant to scratches. All tourmaline color stones have a vitreous luster. Some of the popular tourmaline color stones include chrome, green or very elite, rubellite, Paraiba, and blue or indicolite tourmalines. 

Citrine engagement rings

Citrine engagement rings come in a range of colors from lemony yellow to Campagne brown and golden. Citrines are durable; hence they make excellent engagement ring color stones. 

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