Every girl wants to have a unique ring on her special days. The trend of custom engagement rings in Toronto has been increasing day by day. There are certain designs which have become mainstream. So now girls are moving towards the concept of customized rings. There are different companies which offer custom engagement rings,. however, Design By Sevan is the best of all. This company has a wide collection of different styles which are unique and stylish as compared to other companies. Moreover, they are cost-effective and their custom engagement rings can be purchased easily. On an immediate basis, they do not charge extra and they have timeless qualities of stones and jewelry with endless possibilities. You can get the best engagement ring from here in Toronto. https://www.instagram.com/designbysevan

While building your own engagement ring, you must go in sequence as follows:

Make a Glance

Before designing your own ring, you must go through all of the available collection. See the different styles and designs in which the engagement rings are available in Toronto. You can also search online for different websites. After taking an idea from different designs, you can create your own one.

Choose a Stone

The next step is to select the type of stone you want to place in your ring. Some people prefer pure diamond, some like to have a silver stone, whereas, many people like to have ruby and other colored stones in their rings. It depends upon your choice that which type of stone you would like to have.

Size of Stone

Then comes the size of stone you want to select. Some girls like to have one big stone in the center of their ring, whereas, some girls like to have a combination of small sized stones all over the body of the ring. As the trends are changing fast, you can consult several companies and websites like “Design by Sevan”, which will guide you according to the latest trends and fashion of engagement rings in Toronto.


Then lastly is to follow up the plan of your ring. Complete your ring according to size and shape. Satisfy yourself completely and then place the final order. Keep in mind that after down payment you cannot change or cancel your order. So before final purchase, clear all of your queries.

Your final design must be unique and should vary from others so do a complete research before selecting it.