Pulkit's Story

Why it Pays to Trust a Diamond Expert


Buying a diamond engagement ring is one of life’s big decisions. The journey to the perfect ring usually begins with a lot of Google searching. The amount of information can be overwhelming—from what to look for in a diamond, to where to buy one, and everything in between. Pulkit Gera’s experience searching for a ring was going from bad to worse…until he met Sevan.

A Crash Course in Diamonds


Pulkit initially decided to purchase a diamond online. He approached the whole process with a certain level of anxiety because of the cautionary tales he’d read online: fake diamonds, shipping delays, the inability to return or exchange.

"Because of the fear, I spent days scouring through online blogs and Internet forums to try and educate myself to ensure that this didn’t happen to me."


It’s important to do your research when you’re making an investment that will last a lifetime. However, buying a diamond based solely on information you’ve gathered online without consulting an expert is like Googling symptoms when you’re sick, without seeing a doctor.

Sevan always encourages his clients to gather information from multiple sources before making a decision but cautions against making a purchase until they’ve consulted an expert.

This is a very difficult industry and certainly not as reputable as it once was. You really need to inspect what you’re buying. The diamond you see online may have the right specifications but once put under the microscope, the quality is usually not as advertised.

Diamond “Certificates” — A False Sense of Security


Confident in his research, Pulkit purchased a diamond from a seemingly reputable online retailer and was ready to take it to a custom engagement ring designer in Toronto. When he went for his consultation with Sevan, he fully expected the discussion would revolve around his design ideas. But when Sevan inspected the stone, they soon realized that Pulkit didn’t get what he paid for.

"The stone that arrived was not anywhere close to the quality promised by the retailer and what was written on the accompanying certificate. What’s more, there was a crack at the bottom of the stone that wasn’t even mentioned on the independent third-party lab report."

lab grown diamond

Sevan sees these unfortunate situations happen all too often. No amount of research on the Internet can take the place of a highly trained diamond specialist. That’s why Sevan invests time educating his clients so they know exactly what they’re buying.

"Not only did Sevan catch the massive problems with the stone, but when the company started giving me a hard time about processing the return, it was Sevan’s advice that ultimately ended up helping me get my money back."

Lessons Learned in Buying Diamonds


Most of Sevan’s clients come in thinking they’ll spend the majority of their time focused on ring design. However, it’s the diamond selection that requires the most attention. Sevan goes beyond the 4Cs: Carat, Cut, Colour and Clarity to help his clients find the highest quality stone that matches their budget and vision.

“After I got my refund and went back to Sevan to purchase a comparable stone, he actually ended up SAVING me a substantial sum of money compared to the original retailer.”

engagement ring

Once the diamond was secured, Sevan and his team got to work bringing Pulkit’s vision to life. The result? A one-of-a-kind custom hand engraved engagement ring delivered in record time.

“What did I learn from this experience? I wish I had just gone to Sevan from the very beginning! My fiancée loves the ring and comments on its brilliance and design often.”

Trust Toronto’s diamond expert with your custom engagement ring.

Design by Sevan transforms your inspiration into a one of a kind ring that meets the highest standards in quality, value and absolute brilliance.