Bai’s Story

You get the diamond you pay for.


The search for the perfect diamond engagement ring can be challenging. Once you have a budget and style in mind, it’s time to decide where to purchase. You have options: big box retailers, wholesale diamond sellers or custom engagement ring designers. Bai knew that for a decision of this magnitude, he needed the services of an expert.

Selecting the Right Diamond


Bai wasn’t interested in being ‘sold’ just any engagement ring in Toronto. He had a vision in mind for a custom designed diamond ring he knew his fiancee would adore. And after meeting with Sevan, Bai was confident he had found not only the designer, but the diamond.

“Going to Sevan’s office was more like going for a consultation, he provides guidance rather than trying to influence your decision.”


Sevan has seen a lot of customers come through his doors who have had bad experiences with big box retailers and online diamond wholesalers. And it’s made him passionate about investing the time to educate his clients.

After discussing Bai’s budget and ideas, Sevan presented him with a selection of stones and explained the unique properties of each in a way that made sense.

“Not all diamonds are created equal, no matter what the certificate says or how pretty the photo is. That’s why my clients are able to hand pick the exact diamond that will adorn their loved one’s finger; view it under a microscope and hold it in their hand.”

Buyer Beware: Diamond Switching Scams


Bai read about bait and switch scams, where jewellers will present one diamond and then replace it with a diamond of lesser quality during the ring design process. Sevan is one of a handful of custom engagement ring designers in Canada that has each diamond engraved with a unique serial number, giving clients guaranteed peace of mind.

“Sevan was very patient and not at all pushy in any way. The advice that he gave me was ‘you get what you pay for’ and I got the exact diamond I chose.”

By only showing clients the diamonds he has in stock, Sevan is able to avoid mix-ups, disappointment and delays. His longtime relationship with his supplier ensures Sevan can deliver the highest quality diamond for nearly every budget.

Personal and Professional Engagement Ring Design


It’s common for engagement ring design companies to rely on a multitude of sources in order to get a finished piece. Whether they order your diamond from a network of suppliers, ship your diamond away for setting (and then again for design), the entire process can be time-consuming and risky. Bai was relieved to learn that his ring would be handled completely in-house.

“Sevan was always responsive and met all of my very tight deadlines. He even offered sameday resizing when I asked.”


Not only is Sevan hands-on through the design process but his two brothers bring a combined 70 years of industry experience. Arsak, an expert goldsmith and Herman, a sought-after diamond setter pour their talent into each custom engagement ring. At Design by Sevan, every element of the design process is centralized and performed by a family of well-respected professionals. This translates to satisfied customers--just like Bai.

"My experience was extremely positive and I got a stunning, timeless ring backed up by professional service. I highly recommend Sevan.”

I recently got engaged and it was very important for me to get a truly special ring for my fiancé.

However, I approached this whole process with a certain level of anxiety because of everything I’d read online. Because of this fear, I spent days scouring through online blogs and internet forums to try and educate myself to ensure that this didn’t happen to me.

What did I learn from this experience? I wish I had just gone to Sevan from the very beginning!

Due to my aforementioned skepticism, I selected what I thought was the perfect stone and bought it from an online retailer. From all my research, I thought I got a great deal! However, the stone that arrived was not anywhere close to the quality promised by the retailer and what was written on the accompanying certificate. What’s more, there was a crack at the bottom of the stone that wasn’t even mentioned on the “independent third-party lab report.” Not only did Sevan catch these massive problems, but when the company started giving me a hard time about processing the return, it was Sevan’s advice that ultimately ended up helping me get my money back.

However, that’s not all: After I got my refund and went back to Sevan to purchase a comparable stone, he actually ended up SAVING me a substantial sum of money compared to the original retailer. Furthermore, he helped me design a one of a kind custom hand engraved band in record time.

My fiancé loves the ring and comments on its brilliance and design often.

Thanks for making this truly one of a kind ring for me Sevan!

Get peace of mind from Toronto’s top engagement ring designer.