Perfect Ways To Propose During The Corona Virus Pandemic

In the wake of COVID-19, quarantine and self-isolation is now the norm in most regions globally. Being on quarantine while all alone is quite boring and lonely. You need to feel the warmth of the love surrounding you to make this season bearable.

For most of us, the virus has ruined all the major plans we had in store for this year. However, this pandemic shouldn’t be a reason for you not to pop the engagement rings. Love is meant to prevail in all conditions. And love knows no bounds. This is outright the period to go ham on creative ideas to ask that one person you adore to be yours. Imagine how amazing it would be coming out of this pandemic with your sweetheart by your side, always and forever.

So, how do you go about proposing to your love this period, without breaking the isolation rules?


Picture perfect proposals

Photographs are what you need to preserve those special moments and memories. A quality photo is just enough to spread the love. And while upholding the isolation rules, the photographer doesn’t need to be six feet near you.

So, hit up that professional photographer whose work you admire and schedule a date! With most streets currently empty, be assured to get breathtaking photos while going down on your knee. If you’re extra enough, you could order custom design engagement rings from online shops.

However, if a professional photographer is out of reach, your phone could as well do the job perfectly! Simply position it correctly, set the timer and voila! Go down on your knee and pop the ring, in your favorite sweatpants and hoodie. These are memories you’ll live to tell.


Video Call And Zoom surprises

Amid this crisis, we have normalized Zoom calls for work only. But there’s something else you could pull so easily with Zoom.

If you wish to have your family and friends witness your engagement, then Zoom calls are the way to go. And you could perfectly surprise your loved one while at it. However, if you want it private, you could use skype or normal video calls. Just initiate the call and ask the love of your life to be yours forever.


Home Backyard proposals

If you’re currently quarantining with your person, don’t wait for the pandemic to end to ask them to be yours. Begin to enjoy your happily ever after now, right at your backyard. Or that beautiful flower garden outside the house.

During one of those lazy afternoons at the backyard, pop that life-changing question. And pop the engagement rings too! You could also go all out and present their favorite bouquet of roses. Nature will smile and the flowers will offer an unlimited aura of love. And your person will, without a doubt, say yes to you.


This global crisis has made love feel more important than ever. None of us knows when the pandemic is going to end. But we are sure of one thing: that life feels so much better with your loved ones around you. Therefore, don’t hesitate to ask them to be yours. Connecting with your favorite human is everything.