Our Diamonds

The Highest Quality Diamonds in Toronto

Many online retailers don’t own their diamonds. It’s far more profitable to ship diamonds directly from the manufacturer to the buyer—without inspecting them. How do you know what you’re buying if these companies have no idea what they’re selling?

At Design by Sevan, we don’t cut corners when it comes to quality. Every diamond we sell has been hand selected. Our diamond buyers, Herman and Sevan travel to Belgium and the Northwest Territories four times a year to purchase conflict-free, GIA certified diamonds from reputable suppliers.


Diamond Quality

We offer the most extensive collection of the world’s finest cut diamonds, pre-selected for exceptional quality, cut, color, clarity and additionally, fluorescence.


Diamond Grading

Each loose diamond is accompanied by a grading report from GIA, HRD, IGI or AGSL, independent diamond grading labs with strict grading scales.


100% Conflict Free

We are one of the few retailers to offer Canadian Certified Conflict Free Diamonds. Each comes with a Government of Canada certification of authenticity and is assigned an ID number, along with an image of a maple leaf, inscribed with a laser on the girdle of the diamond.

What Makes Our Diamonds Better?


A diamond is so much more than its rating. Each Design by Sevan diamond is expertly examined and hand picked.

Every diamond in the world is unique and complex. At Design by Sevan, we know a diamond’s rating alone can’t possibly express its beauty and brilliance.

Two diamonds with identical ratings can look drastically different. One might gleam brilliantly while another, with the same rating, could appear lifeless and dull. We go beyond the 4Cs to evaluate a diamond’s fluorescence. We take the time to educate our clients on a diamond’s fluorescence as it often results in a better quality diamond overall for a much better price.

“Fluorescence is a diamond's tendency to emit a soft colored glow when subjected to ultraviolet light. Strong fluorescence can actually improve the appearance of diamonds that possess traces of colour. Diamonds that possess strong fluorescence in colourless to very near colourless grades (D through G) sometimes exhibit a noticeable luminescence which can give the diamond a hazy appearance. ”

At Design by Sevan, we go to great lengths to source diamonds that meet the highest standards.

One of life’s biggest investments should be seen in person. Get the most brilliant diamond for your budget.