Sevan is…for lack of a better term…the man! My fiance has had her engagement ring for over a year and loves it just as much today as the day I proposed and she still gets compliments on it from random strangers. As a guy, buying an engagement ring can be a pretty intimidating and a slightly terrifying experience. Sevan is calm, honest and to the point. I shopped around quite a bit and found Sevan to be the best on price and on style. I tried big stores like Birks who offers you Perrier when you come in the front door (guess what – you pay for that whether you think so or not) and smaller independent places on Queen west (which was definitely more expensive and I wouldn’t even have been given the opportunity to choose the diamond myself!). Beyond the far better prices and quality design, the best part of my experience with Sevan is that he actually seems to have your interests in mind. We stayed within my budget and he helped me pick a great diamond. Normally most jewelers just go by the four Cs…but Sevan taught me about things like the size of the diamonds table. Which meant that he ended up suggesting a diamond which had a smaller carat size but looked larger to the naked eye because of the table size. He also emphasized the proportions of the ring which can influence how much it sparkles…or the ‘fire’ rating of the diamond. All this to say we are incredibly happy with Sevan and his work and will be going back for our wedding bands..


Stirling Lafrance

I found Sevan through a referral and he most certainly has lived up to the reputation that precedes him. Sevan helped in all aspects of conceptualising; sourcing and building the most amazing custom engagement ring. His office is conveniently located in downtown Toronto. I travelled from Ottawa to meet Sevan and found it very easy to get from Toronto Island Airport to his office in minutes. Sevan and his office are both welcoming and put you at ease as you venture down the path of making a very large purchase. He instils confidence and trust when you meet him; which will allow you to move beyond validating your jeweller and on to the fun part; designing a dream engagement ring. He spends time ensuring he understands the concepts and then lays out your options out front to ensure price and expectations are in line. We spent a few weeks looking for the perfect cushion cut diamond that blew me away. After the diamond was sourced and purchased we quickly moved to make the ring. Sevan met and made every timeline I asked of him. The communication during the process was excellent and I rarely waited minutes for a response from him. I highly recommend Sevan for his professionalism, customer service and ability to deliver on the most amazing custom engagement ring and would be willing to act as a personal reference for his work and character

Seamas Egan Ottawa, Ontario Canada

Seamas Egan

Dear Sevan, We’d like to take a moment to send our sincere thanks for the truly personalized experience you created for us. I was so impressed with the design you and Martin came up with for my engagement ring! It was an incredible surprise and the custom elements of the ring matched my personality perfectly. Working with you to pick out our wedding bands was equally exciting and we love that we finally get to wear them every day! When it comes to customer service, you went above and beyond… We really felt like we got the “friends & family” treatment (rare, given that Martin stumbled across your site via a Google search). To anyone thinking about doing business with Sevan: we experienced honestly mixed with a genuine attention to detail and commitment to making the perfect piece(es) of jewelry to last a lifetime. We couldn’t be happier. Sending so much gratitude, Stephanie & Martin

Stephanie Ross

Sevan was absolutely amazing to deal with. He found the perfect diamond and complemented it with an incredible design. I live in Ottawa and his store is in Toronto, and I never even needed to make the trip. We exchanged emails, designs, and phone calls in order to complete my request and my ring is even more beautiful than I could have imagined. I would absolutely recommend him to anybody and everybody I know. Thank you Sevan for my perfect dream ring..

Vanessa Sanschagrin

After having numerous poor experiences in retail stores and not finding what we wanted, we ended up in Sevan’s office. He was professional and could almost read minds as to what we were looking for. The finished product was perfect, great quality, fast service and had much more value than retail purchases. I would highly recommend Sevan for any jewellery purchase. He is the besT!


We had an amazing experience with Sevan! We had to have our wedding rings designed on short notice and Sevan delivered on time and the rings turned out absolutely beautiful. The experience at his studio is pleasant and he is very patient. He provides a lot of valuable information with regards to style, and type of metals that would be optimal for certain designs. Sevan’s experience shows. He is a true professional and knows his art form in out. We would recommend Design by Sevan to anyone looking to get a truly personalized engagement ring. Thank you Sevan.

Anna Gondzik

Buying a ring from AST was a fantastic experience!! Can’t say enough nice things about Sevan. He runs an honest, pressure free business and has become my go to guy for all my jewelry needs.

If you’re looking for a diamond ring for that special someone Sevan will make you the ring of your dreams for a fraction of the cost of the big guys… and treat you with respect along the way.

Could not be happier!! Highly recommended!!

Dan Pifs

My girlfriend and I (now fiancée) were referred to Sevan at AST Jewellery by a friend of ours.

Taking a look at his site we found something we wanted (she wanted a coloured stone and we landed on sapphire) to which we promptly set up a time to go meet him and try it on!

Not only was he quick to respond but he made us feel very comfortable with our flurry of questions and took the time to explain various cuts, clarity, etc. This man knows his craft very well and we could tell how passionate he is about it.

We figured out what we wanted and moved forward. Sevan takes you along every step of the way, is honest, assuring, kind and simply a genuinely nice person. When making a big purchase and a big decision like getting engaged it just amplifies the excitement when the person you’re buying the ring from is so fantastic.

A brilliant experience. Highly recommended and we’ll be back for the wedding bands and be referring any of our friends to him.

Thanks Sevan!

Justin Cumby

I was referred to Sevan and AST Jewellery by a friend. Prior to meeting Sevan, I met many jewellers and saw many diamonds and rings. Sevan was very passionate, straight forward, and honest about everything. More importantly he was more than willing to work with me and my vision. He was not only able to teach me more about diamonds but he was able to help me find one that was perfect. I have since proposed and my fiancé is in love with the ring. I will be going back to Sevan for the wedding bands and recommending him and AST Jewellery to all my friends and family.

Kadir Debello

Sevan is the man! I had a very stressful experience looking for a diamond engagement ring before finding Sevan at AST Jewellery. He is a very likable and easy to speak to and gave me great advice through the whole process of designing a custom ring. He seemed more interested in creating a tasteful ring rather then selling me the largest diamond I could afford which was really appreciated. Also the rings he has on display are very well designed and crafted which left me confident I was in good hands. I had some ideas about creating a custom ring and he was able to take them and create a ring that went above and beyond my expectations. I am very pleased with the service and the ring I got at AST Jewellery and will definitely be returning to get wedding bands done or any other custom jewellery in the future.

Nate Fisher

I can’t recommend A.S.T Jewellery enough. Sevan is extremely knowledgeable, patient and friendly. He explained all of my options in terms of diamonds and left the decision entirely up to me while offering his expert opinion on each stone we looked at.
Sevan designed the ring exactly how I wanted and the finished product is beautiful and my fiance loved it. I received a 3D mockup of how the ring would look in advance of Sevan making it. A very nice touch.
Please do yourself a favor and visit AST rather than a store. The service you receive will be far and above what you will experience there and you will receive much better value for your money

Mark Dunne

A Google search for independent jewellers produced A.S.T. Jewellery along with a few others in Toronto. I was keen on ordering my engagement ring from someone who offered fair pricing, was honest, and produced quality craftsmanship. Upon meeting Sevan Tosun, I was impressed with his knowledge of diamonds, his competitive pricing and best value and quality as per my budget, and his generosity with his time. I then researched and met 5 other jewellers to make sure that Sevan was the real deal. He not only charged fairly but his craftsmanship was also the best. Sevan was wonderful in giving me very specific information about the stone including GIA certification etc., 3D imaging and mould of the ring I ordered. My fiancé, who was living in another city at that time gave me the freedom to choose any design within a budget and was more than pleased at the outcome of my beautiful and classical ring that was made so promptly. Sevan takes great pride in his craftsmanship and diamonds and we will most certainly have our wedding bands made at A.S.T. I haven’t gone in yet for resizing or any maintenance, but I imagine when that time comes, Sevan will be just as gracious, I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, I will just smile widely and enjoy this exquisite ring that my wonderful fiancé has so lovingly given to me. Best wishes, Deb

Deb Mesh