Wedding Rings in Toronto: Custom Wedding Rings Unique to You

We arrange a consultation with you before beginning design on your wedding ring. Our focus on providing custom wedding rings in Toronto, along with our commitment to value, ensures you get the best ring , at the best possible price.


If you want a special ring designed just the way you want it, we are the people to call. Get in touch with us and we will be happy to guide you through the whole process from start to finish. We pride ourselves on being honest with our customers and have a rich history of providing custom made rings that people adore for a lifetime. All our wedding rings are GIA certified ensuring  you get the quality you deserve every step of the way. We source rare stones to give your custom wedding ring a further unique trait. At Design by Sevan, we believe the best stone is the least you deserve.


Custom Wedding Rings : Your Personal Treasure


Your wedding ring is unique. Make it extra special with a thoughtful detail that only you can see. Perhaps an individual design that means something to your relationship subtlety represented on the ring you hold dear. We deliver wedding rings in Toronto just the way you like it, so it can be cherished forever, and admired for generations.


At Design by Sevan, the unmatched dedication with which we produce every wedding ring is what sets us apart in Toronto. Our unique designs help us stand out from the crowd and our passion is obvious in the detail orientated styling unique to each of our wedding rings. We understand how much wedding rings mean to the people of Toronto and that’s why every ring we design is so important to us.